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Setting up Ola's Virtual World

Ola's Virtual World has been built using the OpenSimulator engine that simulates virtual worlds similar to Second Life. To access Ola's Virtual World you will need to download a Second Life-compatible viewer and direct it towards Ola's Virtual World server. The following guide provides step-by-step instructions to get you up and running using the Firestorm Viewer.

1) Download and install the Firestorm Viewing client: From follow the "Opensim Grid Downloads" link that appears under the Firestorm for Opensim Grids header.
Download Image
Download Image

Select the Firestorm download link appropiate for your platform and execute the download installation.

Install Image

Install Image
During the installation process, you will need to agree to the Vivox license. You can use the default installation settings or customise the options as you desire.

2) Start the Firestorm Viewer via one of the shortcuts that the installation has created
Forestorm Icon

3) Set up Ola's virtual world by clicking the Viewer menu (top-left corner of the Firestorm window) and select Preferences. Select Opensim from the choice of preferences.
Grids Image

4) Add new grid details by entering into the New Grid text field:
New Grid
Click Apply. A new entry is listed under the Manage Grids list
New Grid
Click OK

5) On the main Firestorm Viewer screen near the bottom left of the window, enter your First Name and Last Name as per your username and password (which are case sensitive) and click the Log In button to start exploring Ola's Virtual World.
Phoenix Viewer Login
Note: To connect to Ola's Virtual World, you should ensure that the Log onto Grid dropdown box has Olas Virtual World selected, as per the screenshot. Please make sure ola's grid is selected whenever you log into Ola's Virtual World using the Firestorm Viewing client

6) Enjoy exploring Ola's Virtual World, and please remember to tell us your stories, give us your feedback and watch the world update in consequence and expand as Ola continues his journey to the Promised Land.

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